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Micro Draft Skiffs are causing quite a stir... ______

Micro Draft Skiffs are causing quite a stir... As mentioned in several notable fishing magazine articles and forums, the Micro Draft Skiff has created quite a stir among Big Bend anglers and fishing guides for it’s ability to run and fish shallow and efficiently. This skiff remarkable drafts 3” at rest and considerable less on plane. The newest hull design is 100% light weight composite and ultra durable construction. Apart from the unique raked tunnel hull engineering, you the angler have the option of either choosing a “Guide Ready” model or designing the entire layout and rigging of the skiff to your individual taste. Micro Draft Skiffs give you the most options anywhere, and only those a high performance, quality custom boat builder can offer. It is for this reason that more and more skinny water anglers are now choosing a Micro Draft Skiff versus the high dollar, mass produced, “pay for the name” back country skiffs on the market. We try to make it simple and just give you exactly (and everything) that you want. Micro Draft Skiffs lead the way in practicality, performance, angler capacity and price. Give us a call and let us custom build and design your ultimate skinny water dream boat. If you are skeptical, come by and take a ride in one and see for yourself how truly amazing and efficient the Micro Draft Skiff is. This skiff enters a whole new dimension in shallow water angling. Serious anglers will appreciate that, and so will their wallet.

If you have dreamed of finding a 20’ skinny water boat that truly will run in less than 2 inches of water, then now’s your chance. Micro Draft skiffs are being custom built to order right here in the west central Florida. Imagine a 20’ long, 8’ wide, 3” draft (at rest), 100% composite hull that weighs less than 750 lbs.

Micro Draft hulls are custom built passionately by hand, one at a time. They can be finished and rigged completely to your specifications or delivered as a “Guide Ready” package. All Micro Draft hulls have a very unique designed raked tunnel hull system that actually creates lift under the hull and allows it to run where no other skiff can, with or without a tunnel hull. No longer is a jet foot needed to reach those hard to get to fishing holes. There is more room to fish, more angler capacity and all the standard features of many skiffs.

The Micro Draft “Guide Ready” is rigged standard with a 50hp four-stroke outboard engine mounted on a jack plate. While running, you can lift the prop completely above the planing surface of the boat to allow for near zero running draft. The best thing about a Micro Draft is that it will do all this while carrying 4 passengers. It has the tools of the trade too, including dual live wells with high speed pick-ups, elevated casting platform, insulated cooler, trolling motor with a 24-volt on board charging system, ample dry storage, recessed rod holders and a custom aluminum trailer. Compare that to the competition! You get twice the boat, performance and economy. The primary goal of the creator of Micro Draft was to engineer and build a skinny water skiff that provided unparalleled practical performance.

Micro Draft skiffs were born in the back country creeks of Ozello, Florida. Guide owned and operated, the creator of Micro Draft knew what he was missing by not getting into the shallowest creeks in the area. Airboat trips through the mazes of mangrove creeks along the coast provided numerous glimpses of over-sized redfish and gator trout holding, untouched in these skinny creeks and bays. Guiding from an airboat wasn’t even considered as an option. So the design and construction of the first generation of Micro Draft skiffs began.

After just a few hulls, the unique Micro Draft design was mastered. Now the Micro Draft 20 is 100% super strong and lightweight composite technology. The interior on the “Guide Ready” model has come to life with what is now a very well though out fishing skiff with all the features and rigging needed to get the job done. You can even design and layout your Micro Draft skiff completely to your own specifications if you prefer. It’s no wonder many professionals who make a living fishing the skinniest of waters already own a Micro Draft skiff. They all claim it, but we can confirm it. The Micro Draft is a back country skiff that is second to none in performance and price.


A whole new dimension in shallow water angling... Trust us when we tell you that if you have never ridden in a Microdraft while flying over an oyster bar in 1 inch of water, then you have never gone "skinny". A Microdraft can put you in places that others only dream of!!! Micro Draft Skiffs can be custom-built to order or you can select our "Guide Ready" model. Please contact us here for more details and to spec and price the skiff of your dreams. Download/Print Full Spec Sheet Here.

SPEC LIST ______

20' long, 8' wide, 3" draft at rest
100% composite hull
Weighs less than 750 lbs.
60-90hp four-stroke engine
4-Blade stainless propeller propulsion
Jet propulsion system
Raked tunnel hull system
(5) Angler capacity
Dual live wells
Elevated casting platform
Insulated Cooler
Trolling motor
24-volt on board charging system
Dry storage
Recessed rod holders
Poly fuel cell
Tiller control trolling motor

BS Sportsman aluminum trailer
Dual bilge pumps
Deck mounted cleats
Rod holders (standard or recessed)
Non skid decks
Under bow storage
Battery box
Marine gel cell battery for trolling motor
Water and fuel separator system
Fiberglass Hatches
All stainless steel hardware
Power Pole
Custom aluminum mini tower
Custom aluminum full tower
Console steering
Custom trailer
& more...



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